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The bloomed cliff

Location: Lausanne - Switzerland
Client: City of Lausanne and the Association Lausanne Jardins
Phases: Two phases international competition - Lausanne jardins 2009 | Honourable mention | Preliminary, final design
Year: 2008-2009
Design team: Modostudio (Fabio Cibinel, Roberto Laurenti, Giorgio Martocchia) + Maria Dompè (artist) + Luca Annunziata (gardener)

A stratum of natural rock, 130 by 3 meters high, an harmony of colours and flowers, the rhythm of life: the joy to live. The water is the visible and invisibile element in this magical valley of the nature, where species of threatened animals are sheltered, it has created its oneness in the city. The water, the element that purifies, has simply washed and prepared the wall, leaving a ready land for an apotheosis of "rebirth". A pedestrian path, pauses along the wall, benches that mark the course of the water for meditative pauses. A hymn to the nature raises with one single voice: freedom. To the end of the event "Lausanne Jardins 2009" sittings will be available for the house of the students and the bloomed bags will be available as memory and thanks for the citizens of Lausanne.