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Roman theater area regeneration

Location: Aosta - Italy
Client: Dipartimento soprintendenza per i beni e le attivitą culturali - Provincia Autonoma Valle D'Aosta
Phases: architectural competition | winning competition entry - Preliminary and final design, tender drawings, site supervision | under construction
Year: 2019-2024
Design team: modostudio (Fabio Cibinel, Roberto Laurenti, Giorgio Martocchia)
Consultants: Structural and MEP engineering: zero4uno ingegneria srl, Dott. Geol. Mariano Mariani

Inside the historical center of Aosta city it is placed an area with layered archaeological and historical presences, which do not interact with the urban city pattern, presenting strongly discontinuous elements. It is therefore necessary to propose an intervention able to improve a unitary and coherent reading of this city area, starting from the creation of new urban patterns. The design approach aims to integrate and enhance the various elements of that part of the city, by implementing and better linking pedestrian connections with the other adjacent areas, in order to activate a natural process of transformation of the entire area to a place of great attractiveness and urban quality. These connections become not only a new urban pedestrian system, but also create a real terrace, a promenade of great urban quality, on the various fronts of the archaeological excavations usable at all hours of the day and able to revitalize the adjacent urban elements.