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a UN-interrupted city

Location: Seoul - Korea
Client: Seoul Metropolitan Government
Phases: feasibility study - research project
Year: 2018
Design team: modostudio (Fabio Cibinel, Roberto Laurenti, Giorgio Martocchia, Daria FimmanÚ, Giulia Mangiola)

The proposal for the Dongdaemun Gate area in Seoul is part of a general plan of the City of Seoul in order to reactivate the existing underground system to connect with a better architectural quality the city center. We want to encourage the evolution of the city as a continuous evolving system. Based on our area analysis, the design proposal wants to generate a multi-layer centrality located in the Naksan Park: a public space characterized on different levels, all interconnected between them with a pedestrian path able to act as a spine connecting the south part of the Dongdaemun Gate area with the north part of it. The multy-layer centrality offers the possibility to redefine the site urban pattern, preserving the valuable elements of the area. The Naksan Park will reach an interesting complexity even if the green surface will be preserved, acting not only as a small urban park, but as an important reconnection element of the area, through its new role.